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The Harvey Association helped us catch up and stay on top of both Federal and State deadlines and paperwork. Now we are current across the board and can focus on our business!

What our clients are saying…

Local business owner says:

Not sure if I have mentioned this to you since last year, but I really appreciate what you do. I will certainly do what I can to send folks your way because I truly believe you are one of the best in the business. I see a lot of tax returns as a banker and the ones you and your group prepare are some of the easiest to follow and underwrite for credit purposes.

Satisfied tax client boasts:

Recently bad winter weather was eminent which can severely affect our delivery business. Mara called to inform me as we were also approaching our busiest day of the year. We discussed a backup plan to address the storms impact. Thanks so much for “having my back”! I retold this story on an interview with NPR News Radio. not long after it.

Rapidly Growing Small Business comments:


TAX PLANNING and MANAGEMENT SERVICES are provided for individuals, LLCs, corporations, trust and estates.  The time to do tax planning is throughout the year.  Some times waiting until after the year end is too late. Trying to decide what your profit margin is or whether to hire more employees?

Need a second opinion? Call our office

Whether you own your own business or just need help managing your finances we have the experience, tools and insight to put you on the right path!


OUR SERVICES ARE CATERED TO CLIENTS needs and we pride ourselves on continued support we give our customers. We understand you may need us more at certain times of the month or year.  We service your needs.

Are you too busy to do payroll?


COMPILATION OR REVIEW of financial statements ensure comparison of present and future sales and expenses.  Your balance sheet is a pivotal part of your company’s success, too! If you want to understand why your lender is asking for financial's? Call us.

Is your bookkeeper needing a helping hand with financial's?


QUICKBOOKS TRAINING AND COMPUTER SUPPORT are all part of  our  efforts to make your company a success. We can establish a QuickBooks file and train you or your bookkeeper to get up and running. We have also been offering trouble shooting services and various software for  our clients’ computers for over 15 years.

New to the business world?


BEING A TRUSTEE OR EXECUTOR comes with a lot of responsibilities and deadlines to encounter.  If you are helping a relative or friend, the person entrusts faith in your decisions. Make sure you know all the pitfalls one can expect.

Are you a trustee or executor/executrix?